Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Day 20--30 Day Coloring Challenge

Base page

For today's coloring challenge, I wanted to share a page in my personal art journal. The first step was to fill the page with color. In this case, I used pastel sticks in shades of blue and purple. I blended the colors with a cosmetic sponge and then set the color with fixative.

Completed Page
The second step was to add two interest with two separate stencils. First I laid down the butterfly and then laid down the flowers/petals. Originally, I did a zentangle design on the butterfly but didn't like the way it turned out. To cover it up, I tinted Golden light modeling paste with Ice Blue liquid watercolor (Dr PH Martin's). I then applied a thin layer using the stencil. I then added an additional layer that I then textured for interest.

I colored the flowers and leaves with Tombow markers. I added the quotes with a extra fine tip Sharpie is complimentary colors.

Right side detail

Left Side Detail

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day 19--30 Day Coloring Challenge

Watercolor wash and Sharpie

When the Iron Craft Challenges ceased, I was looking for an opportunities to challenge myself creatively. One of the reasons that I liked the Iron Craft Challenges was they would many times force the artists to create something out of their comfort zone. Since you were only making things for yourself, rather than to exchange, as the creator you weren't getting judged or graded. The community was a very supporting one.

I had been on swap-bot before and many times, I always gave better than I received. I didn't mind it so much because I was always looking for opportunities to create and I could always just join the swaps in which I felt comfortably participating. The problem with swap-bot is that all exchanges get rated so if you get a particularly nasty person, and there are plenty, it gets a little disheartening when you are rated down because of a perceived slight especially if they don't give you an opportunity to correct it.

For today's coloring challenge, I decided to share a postcard that I will be sending out today. The theme was a handmade postcard in Orange.

For the front, I did a watercolor wash in shades of orange. I then stenciled an image of a woman's face. This particular stencil has four women's faces so I did a series of four postcards. The top image is the front of the post card after the first treatment.

For the back of the card, I used my alcohol inks with a paisley stencil.

Back of post card
To finish the front of the card and to make it a little sturdier to send through the mail, I put a coat of gloss ModPodge to seal the colors. As you can see, the stenciled imaged lightened in color and the orange watercolor wash really pops.

Finished post card

Monday, September 18, 2017

Day 18--30 Day Coloring Challenge

For today's coloring challenge, I decided to color a floundering page in one of my own coloring books.This was the coloring book that was send to other artists to color in a swap-bot coloring book exchange.There are five two-page spreads and each of the artists were asked to color two different two-page spreads.This is the remaining spread. This is a star mandala stencil from my stash. I decorated with background markings so that the lines would help guide the person coloring the page, if they needed. As you can see, the unidirectional lines show which element belongs with each other. It's almost a paint by numbers without the numbers. If the artist chooses to go in a different direction then  no one is the wiser.

The first step was to add color to the elements of the positive space (the parts with the lines). Each section was colored using four different colors. The first level (innermost layer) was colored in three shades of red (R37, R05, RV25). The middle level was colored in three shades of orange (YR16, YR18, YR02). The outermost level was colored in three shades of yellow (Y35, Y10, Y38). To unify all of the levels, a fourth shade of yellow (Y17)was used to highlight the centers of each element.

The second step was to highlight the positive space by using a dark color for the negative space. I was getting a Mediterranean vibe to the coloring scheme so I decided to use a dark blue to make the other colors pop off the page. In this case, I used B69.

To finish the piece, I used a gold metallic Shapie (fine) to add gold dots to the negative space.

BTW, the color designations above are for Copic markers.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Day 17--30 Day Coloring Challenge

Today's coloring challenge is the reverse of the envelope I shared with you  yesterday. Another stencil from my collection, I colored with with Copic Markers and then added the background plaid with Micron pens in .03 (orange and red) and .05 in orange. Another quick and easy envelope.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Day 16--30 Day Coloring Challenge

Today's coloring challenge is another envelope. Not all of my mail art gets sent through the mail. This is a hand delivered envelope that got the special treatment.

I love this chrysanthemum stencil. Each flower was filled in with 5 shade of either red or green. I used Copic markers for the coloring and a Micron .03 for the outline since I needed to work quickly and didn't have time to wait for the Sharpie Marker to cure.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 15--30 Day Coloring Challenge

This is the back of yesterday's envelope. I love sunflowers. I needed a nice large image so I could get this in the mail quickly. This was outlined in a Micron pen which allowed me to work quicker. When I use a Sharpie to outline something, I wait at least a half day before coloring it in (unless I use another Sharpie product). If I plan on using Tombow or Copic markers, I wait a day.

Of course, I can't do anything simply--even if most people will never realize. The seeds were done with three colors that were layered. I am still learning how to blend colors but these manila envelopes do not provide a good blending surface.

I used two colors for the leaves and three colors for the petals. Overall, I really like the way that this turned out.

Here is a little trick I have learned since I decorate a lot of envelopes. If I need to test colors, I use the underside of the envelope flap so see how steadfast the colors are on that particular style of envelope. Since it will be sealed, no one will ever see the color swatches.

 I usually send out white envelopes but since I knew that I was going to use this sunflower stencil, I decided to let the envelope color work in my favor by provide a good base color.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 14--30 Day Coloring Challenge

After finishing yesterday's coloring book page, I needed to send the coloring book back to it's owner. If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I can't send a plain envelope through the mail. I thought these hummingbirds and trumpet flowers would be a nice surprise to those who touch this envelope along the way to Mississippi.