Saturday, January 20, 2018

Outgoing Postcards

This postcard was for a postcard exchange called K is for . . .

The recipient's name was Karen so I was going to be slick and send her a postcard with the letter K and be done with it but then I rethought the situation. She collects State Map cards like the one above so I decided to send her K is for Kansas.

The postage was a different situation. I struggled with what to use until I looked at the card and realized that the State Flower of Kansas was the sunflower. I knew I had a book of the sunflower stamps so I used it for postage. I only needed 34 cents but went with a 42 cent stamp because it fit the theme.

I then looked in my stash of "flower used stamps" and found the two stamps below: one from Maldives (issued in 1975) and one from Germany (issued in 1964).

One of the benefits of collecting stamps is finding the history of the stamps. But also, I have learned so much more about geography by collecting and researching stamps. I never would have know about the Republic of Maldives, let alone its location. What I did find out is that the stamp that I thought was a sunflower was in essence a stamp celebrating marine flora (in this case, coral).

Friday, January 19, 2018

Outgoing Postcards

This was a fun card to put together. The card is going to a Space lover in Staten Island, NY. This is someone who has received postcards from me before so I wanted to do something special for her. She loves Star Wars (especially the latter episodes) so I decided to send her a Star Wars illustration postcard (unfortunately, it is from the original episodes). The size is a panorama sized postcard (4 inches by 9 inches). It only requires a single Forever Stamp if mailed within the US.

For the decorative stamps, I used: a 1965 Russian Space Stamp; a First Man on the Moon Stamp issued in the US in 1969; and a 1993 Fantasy Space Ship Stamp.

For the postage, I used a Modern Age Wonder Woman stamp.

Daily Coloring

I have already spoken of my love for the book above. In the post here I discussed how the pages worked with Copic markers and I mentioned that I wanted to see how the pages did with Prismacolor pencils and my Gamsol blending solution. I am really happy with the way the page turned out.

I liked the outer flowers better in that I used a different coloring/blending technique. For the solid red, solid orange and solid blue flowers, I blending the colors on the page and then added the blending solution. The color variations are slighter and less pronounced until you view them up close.

For the other four flowers (upper left and right, lower left and right) I didn't blend the color on the page. I colored concentric circles of color but only overlapped the colors a little. All of the blending occurred when I blended with the solution. The color variation is much more noticeable.

Now the question is do I color the background or not? I am thinking about doing an ombré effect.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Outgoing Postcards

Today's postcard was sent to the Ukraine. The person did not have a filled out profile so there were no particular requests for stamps or style of postcard. When this happens, I will always send a touristy style New York City postcard.

Since the recipient didn't specifically state that she collected stamps, I used the generic Global Forever stamp which is currently valued at $1.15 which is the cost for sending out a less than 1 oz piece of mail (whether a postcard or envelope).

The Statue of Liberty Air Mail stamp was issued in 1961. I like it because it features my favorite color--orange. The Ely's #10 Locomotive Stamp was issued in 1994 and commemorates the beginning of the modern locomotive. The third stamp is the Korean War Veteran's Memorial stamp and was issued in 2003.

Daily Coloring

For today, I wanted to share something a little different. This is a coloring page I designed using the Americana stencil called Oopsy Daisy. The page is smaller than the actual 12 by 12 stencil. I outlined the flowers using a Sharpie fine tip black marker. I used an extra fine tip Sharpie to fill in the the positive space with coloring guidelines. I call them coloring guidelines because the same motif is used for all of the petals of the same flower. If you look at the yellow flower on the center right of the coloring page, you will see that all of the coloring lines are vertical in orientation. With busy designs, this helps a person to identify which element goes with each other.

The page was filled with color using TomBow Dual Tip Markers. This page will be the basis of a separate project. I outlined the page on one day and then let it dry completely overnight. I added color on the second day.

I would have preferred to use my Copic markers but the alcohol in the markers makes the Sharpie outlines feather.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Outgoing Postcards

This is another New York City postcard that is being sent to Taiwan. The person likes touristy postcards and Disney. I like this particular photo because it is a great evening view of New York City. 

The three decorative stamps include the New York Statehood stamp that was issued in 1988, the New York Public Library Lion stamp issued in 2003 and the 1962 Dag Hammarskjold stamp. According to Wikipedia, Dag Hammarskjold was a Swedish diplomat, economist and author who served as the second Secretary-General of the United Nations from April 1953 until his death in a plane crash in September 1961.

For postage, I used one of the current forever stamps from the Disney Villains collection.

This is what usually happens when I prepare these postcards. I get so excited in finding a theme, used postage stamps for decoration and the perfect current postage that I forget to take a picture. Here, I caught myself before getting to far.

Daily Coloring

I realize that there are gaps in the coloring of some of these calendar pages. If you embiggen the image above, you will see there are some white spaces in the castle. The main reason this happens is that there is very low lighting at my current work station. I am in a temporary work station without good overhead lighting. So I never really know the real colors that have been used or if there are any missed areas until I get home and photograph the page. The situation should change in a week.

When you see pages without these little areas, it means that I colored the image at home with my full complement of markers.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Outgoing Postcards

This was a fun postcard to put together. This is going to a music teacher in Arkansas. She displays the postcards she receives in her classroom so her students can learn about geography and other topics. Living in NYC, I couldn't help but send her a card relating to Jazz and the Harlem Era of Jazz. Having the Louis Armstrong postage stamp was a blessing. Also, having the Igor Stravinsky make up postage stamp was just icing on the cake.

Daily Coloring


Here is today's coloring assignment. It isn't something that I would normally color. Plus, I was limited by the markers that I had at work so it came out differently than I would have expected. Not that I'm not happy with it, but it is different.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Outgoing Postcards

This postcard is going to someone in New Zealand. She collects State map postcards from the United States and likes to observe ethnic celebrations. I chose to decorate the postcard with three different Statue of Liberty used stamps. For the postage, I used the Hispanic Food stamp series celebrating empanadas.

Daily Coloring

I am participating in the 30 Day Coloring Challenge on Instagram. I almost feels like cheating since I was already planning on coloring every day in my Coloring a Day Calendar. Regardless, here is my coloring assignment for today.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Daily Coloring

This little elephant was so much fun to color. It's amazing what can happen when you color with the lights on.